2015,女人迷的年度关键字是:EMPOWER。EMPOWER 中的 POWER 代表的是力量,而前面的 EM 则代表了影响、赋予人的重要使命。影响、赋予人力量的前提便是卓越的沟通能力。许多人在锻炼沟通时强调的是词汇、语气,殊不知,声音也是沟通不可或缺的关键。

11/17 女人迷邀请到了拥有超过 30 年声音分析的法国专业教练,方尚耀,带领女人迷的第一次英语分享会,让我们从聆听、解密自己的声音开始学习更有效的表达自己

EMPOWER SPEAK UP 声音才是沟通的决定性关键


最有效、健康沟通方式是运用了正确的词汇和声音来表达,除了词汇外,声音所透露的讯息也可以是包罗万象。声音里所包含的情绪有:沉闷的、喜悦的、烦躁的、疗愈的、令人心动的 。


法国最新的核磁共振研究报告显示,聆听者的大脑图像会显示或大或小变化的区块,正是受到说话者的声音表达所影响。 说明现今担任教师、医师及企业主的说话声音,足以造成强有力的身心健康影响因素、沟通工具、或而达成领导目标,其实中国唐代名医孙思邈早就提出过类似的见解。

This unique workshop will help all participants to become aware of what they can improve immediately to communicate better and healthier.

Besides the words, the voice of anyone can be boring, captivating, controlling, confusing, disturbing … or engaging, enjoyable, interesting, peaceful, healing and revealing.

The most efficient, healthy and ethical communication is reached with both the right words and the right voice.

Many techniques have been developed and taught in the last 50 years focused on training leaders to maximise their non-verbal communication skills. The quality of the voice radiates an energy, which remains the most effective tool of communication and leadership.

Recent MRI studies carried out in France have resulted in Magnetic Resonance Imaging showing that the voice of the speaker activates a smaller or a larger area in the brain of the listener, depending on the speaker’s vocal quality.

The voice of Teachers, Doctors, and CEOs is now being scientifically measured and recognized as a major tool for change management and achieving leadership goals.

This breakthrough information implies that improving the quality of the voice of the leaders is the most efficient way to increase the listening capabilities of the audience.






  1. 真诚、令人信任的
  2. 清晰,让人愉悦并容易理解的
  3. 有趣、有深度、能启发人的
  4. 有节奏、有画面的
  5. 平和、稳定、完整的

How does this work?

The voice can be compared to the music played by an orchestra. A melodic musical composition, in harmony with the five elements, stimulates and helps you on 5 levels:to work,to enjoy life, to express yourself, to be creative and to be at peace.

This magic of an orchestra comes from 5 groups of instruments playing in harmony: the brass,the strings,the woodwinds, the percussions and the coordinators.

The voice is also an energy created by 5 groups of organs-instruments playing together, called: Stomach/Spleen/Pancreas, Kidneys/Bladder, Lungs/Colon, Heart/Small Intestine, Liver/Gall Bladder.

These 5 groups are in relation with the 5 senses: Taste, Hearing, Smell, Sight, Touch, and the 5 Elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Ether (in Traditional Chinese Medical philosophy, Air and Ether are called Metal and Wood).

This is why and how a voice can be a healing or destructive music:

A negative voice can be hypnotic, anesthetic, catching,rough, depressing, controlling ... pushing people away from their identity, their integrity and bring sickness.

A positive voice helps revealing the best in others, in a healthy and ethical way. A healing voice is the one coming from a healthy and balanced body.

The 5 energy criteria to decode a healing voice, coming from a balanced body, are in relation with 5 sounds, which could be described with the following words:

  1. Concrete,true, and factual, credible
  2. Clear, enjoyable, modulated, easy to hear and understand
  3. Personalized, interesting, inspiring, profound, resonating
  4. Rhythmic, rousing, motivational, conceptual, using word/images
  5. Peaceful, Coherent, consistent, concise and complete









虽然每个人发表的时间短短一分钟,但透过教练丰富的经历,W 编从声音分析这堂课学习到的不仅是一门新知识,也是从自己和夥伴身上观察到自己以前没自觉的表达习性,并从而挖掘到自己内在的元素平衡。

普普风艺术大师 Andy Warhol 曾说:



This INTRODUCTION SESSION starts with a 15/30 minutes PowerPoint presentation introducing the new scientific discoveries about the communication with the 5 senses and the voice analysis. However, more than learning facts, it is only the practical exercises that can help any participant to decode and integrate the information concerning their own voice. Therefore the real value of the workshop is the practical exercises of listening and speaking made by all participants.

In one hour or more, each volunteer participant, in turn, expresses themselves to the group during one minute. The goal of this introduction is to help all volunteer participants to experience “How to introduce yourself or your project in one minute, in any language, with the 5 senses”.

The coaches ask then the participant to check his/her own identity and balance with easy coaching tools. Then the coaches ask the audience what sounds true in the voice, what are the positive parts of the presentation and what can be improved?

The coaches answer all questions, give their own feedback and guide the participant to hear the presence or the lack of each of the five senses with the “guideline” given at the beginning at the session.

Then the coaches suggest immediate easy coaching exercises to help the participant to improve the quality of their communication using the five senses, which reflect on the voice of the participants and their listening capabilities.

At the end of the session, all participants have improved their listening capabilities and learned new exercises to increase their ability to speak in private and in public.

For this session, participants can choose any situation to have their voice tested. They can also prerecord their voice and send it to voice-analysis@wholistic-communication.com prior to the workshop. For instance, it can be a sales call or a private call… during one minute maximum.


Jean-Loup FAYOLLE, CEO of Wholistic Communication 方尚耀 总经理

Wholistic Communication specialize in “Communication with the five senses” and developing the EQ (Emotional Quotient) for leaders, CEOs and their employees/partners.

全人沟通人才培训是专门针对领导者、企业执行长及他们的员工与夥伴所做的 “五感沟通”及情绪智商(EQ)的培训。

We achieve this through training coaches and sharing the benefits of our extensive unique experience in learning how to listen to the truth in voices.


Our “Voice energy analysis” and our “Assessments of the use of the five senses in communication” can help anyone to improve any “one minute presentation” in order to get an appointment, introduce oneself, speak in public or reach an agreement.


Jean-Loup Fayolle, MBA and organic farmer, is bringing 30 years of experience working with leading CEOs, movie stars, political leaders, astronaut as well as University/Business School students and all employee levels.

方尚耀 (Jean-Loup Fayolle),他不只拥有MBA商管硕士学位也是一位有机农夫,带着他三十年来与重要的企业执行长、电影明星、政治领导人、太空人、商学院学生与各层级工作者一同工作的经验。

He has performed hundreds of customized conferences and workshops in the United States, Asia and Europe. He specializes on health for women in business.


He is the author of Driving One’s Life (2001) and Joy over Fear (2007) and many articles in Taiwanese magazine (2013).


活动时间:11/17 (二)19:30~21:0-00
活动地点:女人迷乐园(台北市大安区和平东路二段 50 号)