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雷斯理 Le Petit Pâtissier 最近从永康街的咖啡小自由店中店搬到了温州街上的独立店面。这离我平常的活动范围实在有点距离,不过为了传说中超好吃的柠檬塔,只好奔波一下喽?

Le Petit Pâtissier 雷斯理, previously part of Caffe Libero in the Yongkang Street neighborhood, recently moved out to open an independent shop on Wenzhou Street. This area is really out of my usual activity zone, but after hearing such wonderful things about its lemon tart, I decided to venture out here to give it a try.

从店外到店内,雷斯理只能用 “超级甜美” 来形容。明亮的桃红、橘黄、青绿色块,红底白点的水壶,木制桌椅搭配格子坐垫… 除了可爱还是可爱。

From the exterior to the interior, girly cute is the best phrase to describe Le Petit Pâtissier. Bright color blocks of fuscia yellow and green, red water jug adorned with white polka dots, wooden chairs with checkered mats…yes, it’s a sugar overload.


Even the desserts are in such adorable colors and shapes.

虽然我原本是冲着柠檬塔而来的,不过当下却被颜色鲜艳的 Caspis (150台币) 给吸引了。黑醋栗的酸和开心果的甜搭配的相当好,底部塔皮的口感也不错。

Though I originally came for the lemon tart, I ended up choosing Caspis (150 NTD) as the combination of cassis and pistachio sounded very alluring at the moment. What it is: a layer of cassis cream, a layer of pistachio almond paste, topping a thin layer of tart crust. A lovely balance of sweet and sour.

朋友选的 Amber (140台币) 是由两层 dacquoise (杏仁榛果蛋白饼) 夹着可可奶油和焦糖馅组成的甜点。蛋白饼似乎有些干,不过整个组合还算令人满意。

My friend chose Amber (140 NTD), which is two layers of dacquoise (almond and hazelnut meringue) sandwiching cocoa cream and caramel. The meringue tasted slightly dry, but the whole ensemble was still fairly appealing.


配上一壶 Mariage Frères 的 Five O’Clock Tea (160台币),我就这样渡过一个愉快的午后。另外还意外的发现温州街上有不少可爱的咖啡店,看来下次得回来慢慢挖掘喽。

Accompany all that with a pot of Five O’Clock Tea (160 NTD) by Mariage Frères, and I was content the whole afternoon. On another note, Wenzhou Street seems to be teeming with little cafes here and there – will need to come back another time to explore :)

雷斯理 Le Petit Pâtissier
电话:(02) 2367 7862
营业时间:12~9pm (周三休)
价位:[茶] 160台币 [甜点] 120~150台币

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