La Clef Des Champs 是位于布鲁塞尔中央车站步行就可以到的一家小餐厅。这里出品的南法料理非常好吃而且价格合理,是个午餐的好去处。


La Clef Des Champs is a cosy little French restaurant on Rue de Rollebeek, just a short walk from Brussels Central Station. Delicious Lyonnais and Provencal dishes in a setting of purple pink table clothes and chandeliers…a delightful lunch spot!



得过很多奖呢 La Clef Des Champs


室内 Interior


面包和芥末酱 Bread and mustard



La Clef Des Champs 每天中午都提供一套非常划算的 Menu Campagnard。仅€19.50,你就可以从6道前菜,7道主菜,和4道甜点里面各选一道,拼成3道菜的午餐(也可只选一道或两道菜)。我们从 Chicken Liver Terrine 和 Pigs Trotter Vouvray Mode 开始,两道前菜都令人非常满意。



Chicken Liver Terrine


Pigs Trotter Vouvray Mode





主菜也相当不错。Blanquette of Veal a L’ancienne 是一道白酱炖煮小牛肉料理,很浓郁,很软嫩,连最后一点酱汁都被我用面包沾起来吃掉了(不过有一点过咸)。


Main courses were equally impressive. First there was the Blanquette of Veal a L’ancienne, a veal stew in cream sauce that was so rich, so tender, and so flavorful that I could not resist but to scoop up even the last bit of the sauce with complimentary bread (the bread basket was refilled promptly by our waitress).



Blanquette of Veal a L’ancienne



另外一道 Grilled White Sausage with Tarragon Sauce 是香煎白香肠佐龙嵩酱汁,跟我之前尝过的德国白香肠味道和口感都大不相同。La Clef Des Champs 的白香肠更嫰 (可能用了很多内脏?) 而且味道虽然带有一点淡淡的酒味,却没有德国白香肠那么强烈。也是一道令人赞叹的料理。


Then there was the Grilled White Sausage with Tarragon Sauce, which had a hint of alcohol and tasted completely different from the German-style white sausage I was expecting. La Clef Des Champs’ rendition was much more tender (I’m guessing the ingredients included liver or other intestinal parts) and subtle in taste. Another thumbs up dish. 



Grilled White Sausage with Tarragon Sauce



菜单上的甜点看起来都平淡无奇,不过我点的 Profiteroles with Vanilla Ice-Cream and Hot Chocolate 还真是惊艳到我了。香脆的泡芙夹着柔软的冰淇淋,淋上浓郁的热巧克力酱,看似普通但还真令人满意。


None of the four desserts choices looked especially attractive, but I was very pleasantly surprised by theProfiteroles with Vanilla Ice-Cream and Hot Chocolate. The profiteroles were crispy and crunchy, the ice-cream soft and cold, the chocolate hot and rich. Very satisfying.



Profiteroles with Vanilla Ice-Cream and Hot Chocolate



La Clef Des Champs 这家小店能拿到这么多奖项,果然是有两把刷子的。来这里试试他美味又便宜的午餐吧!


There’s nothing I could complain about the meal at La Clef Des Champs. Highly recommended for lunch!






La Clef Des Champs

地址:Rue de Rollebeek 23, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

电话:02 512 11 93

营业时间:12:00~2:00pm, 7:30~10:00pm (周一周日休)


价位:[午餐] €19.50, [晚餐] €35.50~59.50




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